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Each and every one of us has potential to fulfil. We are asking one question in order to understand people’s personality, potential, and creativity: “What’s your power?” is the beginning of a new relationship with the client


Featured Stories


Sustainability is value: the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan

At Capital Markets Day 2019 Enel presented its 2020-2022 Strategic Plan, which sees the increasing integration of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and even more investment in renewables and networks.


Sustainability means value

For businesses, environmental and social values can mean an economic advantage. Enel has demonstrated this both with its decisive push towards renewable energy sources and with its tools for sustainable finance



The sustainability journey

Awareness of sustainability as a financial value is a further leap forward on a journey begun by business many years ago. Today Enel’s SDG Linked Bond is proving that it is a profitable choice


Seeds&Chips, technologies to feed the world

Milan played host to the fifth edition of Seeds&Chips: the global summit on food innovation lived up to its name and sowed many seeds in the soil of the future, with a focus on Africa



The innovation tribes

Enel created its Innovation Communities in order to foster open innovation at the very frontier of technology. Two meet-ups held recently in Rome centred around makers and drones. And here’s what happened…


AI, the intelligence to change business

At the AI Summit in London companies explained how the intelligent use of data is transforming business models: Enel was among the key players with a speech by Giuseppe Amoroso, Head of Digital Strategy and Governance