Energy transition: from conventional energy to renewable sources

Published on Friday, 9 December 2016

“Enel’s Futur-e project, which aims at transforming power plants that are no longer competitive on the energy market, is yet another step along the transition path. It is an opportunity to be seized by local communities”

Last but not least, there is the project presented by Alessio Montone, head of Smart Meter Solutions. It is dedicated to grids and smart meters and shows that technological innovation can boost the efficiency of the energy and economic system through these instruments.

The role of public policy makers

The report The Energy Transition also describes scenarios for public policy makers and companies operating in the electricity industry. Policy makers are called to favour cross-border cooperation and flexible energy demand and supply, to eliminate harmful emissions and to force market players to be accountable and meet their obligations.  

Electric utilities, in turn, are called to face a growing number of competitors, to rapidly adapt quickly to new technologies and to respond to increasingly stringent environmental regulations, while ensuring the necessary flexibility needed to cope with changes.

The mission of Enel Foundation

Enel Foundation which co-authored the report is a non-profit institution that is engaged in research and in strategic studies on energy. The Foundation’s activities are geared to anticipate and interpret new needs in society and markets in the current global scenario.

Its goal is to contribute to the international debate on energy and energy-related issues, as was the case in Marrakesh with the report The Energy Transition which suggests how the energy transition can project the world into a future of widespread prosperity, greater efficiency and better protection of nature’s resources.